Chess at 3



Chess at Three classes will begin in term 3 at Meerilinga Children and Family Centre Cockburn, 219 Winterfold Rd, COOLBELLUP on Saturday 19th of August and continuing every Saturday until 16th of September. The chess classes will be run by Catherine Little of Total Chess from 9:05am to 9:50am.

The class will consist of three parts that will go for approximately 15 minutes each:

Story: Each class will start with a funny story that introduces each chess character or new idea. The children will listen and interact with the story and help with actions and movements. This is the basis of the program, the children will learn about chess through a story so that they can link the moves to the actions of the characters.

Chessercises: After listening to the story the piece or idea of the story is drawn out and enacted in an easy to remember movement. Linking the abstract movements of the pieces and fun movements helps the children to remember how the character moves on the chess board. This links the two parts of the brain and forms new neuropathways that allow the children to remember it easier.

Game Play: After acting out how the piece moves it is now time to move the actual chess piece on the board. The children are reminded that the piece is the character and so it must move how the character likes to move. The children will play short fun games to link the story, actions and the piece together.

The term fee for the 5 weeks will be $60, which is $15 per session and includes the first class for FREE. So if interested you can come along the first week (make sure you register first) check it out and decide after the first class if you want to continue.


Payment Methods
Cash or Cheque: Bring to first lesson attended, please make cheque payable to ‘Total Chess’
Internet Banking: Pay before first lesson attended

If paying by internet banking PLEASE USE REFERENCE: COL3 (followed by child’s name), 

Total Chess, BSB: 306 087, Account No: 036 9050


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