2020 December Online Junior Tournament – Sunday 13 December 2020

    After a very successful running first online junior tournament on 22 November, this tournament in December will be FREE for all players. This tournament will be extremely fun and engaging for everyone to come learn how the tornelo online tournament platform works.

    The second online tournament Total Chess is running through Tornelo.com on Sunday 13 December at 1:00pm to approximately 2:45pm. The tournament will have 6 rounds with a time limit of 5 minutes per game and an additional 3 seconds added after each move.

    Tornelo is a Australian designed online chess program. Tornelo is primarily used for coaches to design and run tournaments. Recently, in response to the developing online nature of chess due to COVID 19, Tornelo’s developers have added a new feature that allows coaches to design and run online chess tournaments within the program. All games are completely contained within the program and can be run locally to an invited group of players or open to a wider selection of players around the world.

    The online function has been designed to imitate over the board tournaments as closely as possible. The majority of online tournaments are created to run automatically behind the scenes with no policing during play. Tornelo differs in that an arbiter is present, monitoring the tournament just as if you were playing in a real over the board tournament. If players at anytime have concerns or issue they are able to contact the arbiter immediately. Furthermore, the arbiter is monitoring the games to intervene if needed without players contacting them.

    Total Chess will be starting to run some online tournaments as a new fun way to enjoy the game of chess. To get started you will need to create an Tornelo account at https://home.tornelo.com/ and sign up. Once signed up you will be able to join a Total Chess Online Event by clicking the link on the Total Chess website where a link will be available in the Upcoming Events page

    Conditions of Entry recommended by Tornelo.com

    • Players must play under their legal name, first and last. All other information requested by tornelo such as year of birth is optional.
    • Players must join the tournament meeting room with webcam enabled.

    Additional conditions of Entry from Total Chess.

    • Players must be part of a Total Chess club or have participated in a weekend over the board tournament.

    CLICK HERE to enter tournament and view tournament playing area

    This video shows you everything you need to know about creating a Tornelo account, joining a tournament and much more!